Refereed Journal Publications

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  1. Andrew B. Pace, Louis E. Strigari, 2018, MNRAS accepted; Scaling Relations for Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay Profiles in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies ADS

  2. T.S. Li et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018, APJ, 866, 22; The First Tidally Disrupted Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy? - Spectroscopic Analysis of the Tucana III Stream ADS

  3. D. Erkal et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018, MNRAS, 481, 3148; Modelling the Tucana III stream - a close passage with the LMC ADS

  4. N. Shipp et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018, APJ 862, 114; Stellar Streams Discovered in the Dark Energy Survey ADS

  5. Ting S. Li, Joshua D. Simon, Andrew B. Pace, et al. 2018, APJ, 857, 145; Ships Passing in the Night: Spectroscopic Analysis of Two Ultra-Faint Satellites in the Constellation Carina ADS

  6. Dan Q. Nagasawa et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018, 852, 99; Chemical Abundance Analysis of Three α -poor, Metal-poor Stars in the Ultrafaint Dwarf Galaxy Horologium I ADS

  7. Elmer Luque et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018, MNRAS, 478, 2006; Deep SOAR follow-up photometry of two Milky Way outer-halo companions discovered with Dark Energy Survey ADS

  8. Ting S. Li et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2017, APJ, 838, 8; Farthest Neighbor: The Distant Milky Way Satellite Eridanus II ADS

  9. A. Kamada, M. Kaplinghat, Andrew B. Pace, H. Yu, 2017, PRL, 119, 111102; Self-Interacting Dark Matter Can Explain Diverse Galactic Rotation Curves ADS

  10. Coral Wheeler, Andrew B. Pace, et al, 2017, MNRAS, 465, 420; The no-spin zone: rotation versus dispersion support in observed and simulated dwarf galaxies ADS

  11. Sean P. Fillingham, Michael C. Cooper, Andrew B. Pace, et al. 2016, MNRAS, 463, 1916; Under pressure: quenching star formation in low-mass satellite galaxies via stripping ADS

  12. Andrew B. Pace, Gergory D. Martinez, Manoj Kaplinghat, Ricardo R. Muñoz, 2014, MNRAS, 442, 1718; Evidence for substructure in Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxy using a Bayesian object detection method ADS


  1. A. Pieres, et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2019; Modelling the Milky Way. I - Method and first results fitting the thick disk and halo with DES-Y3 data ADS

  2. M.-Y. Wang et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2019; APJL accepted Rediscovery of the Sixth Star Cluster in the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy ApJL ADS

  3. S. Mau et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018; A faint halo star cluster discovered in the Blanco Imaging of the Southern Sky Survey ADS

  4. Coral Wheeler, Philip F. Hopkins, Andrew B. Pace et al., 2018; Be it therefore resolved: Cosmological Simulations of Dwarf Galaxies with Extreme Resolution ADS

  5. J. L. Marshall et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018; Chemical Abundance Analysis of Tucana III, the Second $r$-process Enhanced Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy ADS

  6. Quinn E. Minor, Andrew B. Pace, Jennifer L. Marshall, Louis E. Strigari, 2018; Robust velocity dispersion and binary population modeling of the ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Reticulum II ADS

  7. Alexander H. Riley, Azadeh Fattahi, Andrew B. Pace et al. 2018; The velocity anisotropy of the Milky Way satellite system ADS

  8. Andrew B. Pace, Ting S. Li, 2018; APJ accepted Proper motions of Milky Way Ultra-Faint satellites with Gaia DR2 x DES DR1 ADS

  9. DES Collaboration including Andrew B. Pace 2018; The Dark Energy Survey Data Release 1 ADS

  10. M.-Y. Wang et al. including Andrew B. Pace 2018; The morphology and structure of stellar populations in the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy from Dark Energy Survey Data ADS

  11. Andrew B. Pace 2016; Comparing rotation curve observations to hydrodynamic {\Lambda}CDM simulations of galaxies ADS

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